CIO Services
CIO Services

IT Planning / Transformation

Is your company’s IT function reactive and ad hoc?

Is an outage the only time IT gets your attention?

A reactive IT function is not only a risk to stable business operations, but also an obstacle to growth.

Paceline can help you transform your IT to a managed function that supports and even enables growth by helping you do the following:

  • Identify the ‘right’ level of business enablement
  • Establish a planning and budgetary cadence to address gaps
  • Manage implementation of new capability per the plan
  • Manage maintenance/refresh of existing assets

Cloud Migration

The Cloud computing model enables companies to purchase IT capability as an expense rather than a capital investment. It also offers greater agility with the ability to quickly adjust (up or down) the amount of capability available.

Our Cloud Migration service will relocate services from your in-house servers to cloud-based virtual servers. Candidates for migration are web sites/portals, application servers, database servers, and file servers.

Due diligence and planning steps can vary from a single day to several weeks. Executing the migration plan can vary from a single day to several days. Migration of complex environments should be phased to minimize disruptions of service to the business.


Are your IT assets and data secure from attack or unauthorized access?  If you don’t know for sure, the answer is probably no.  If this represents a risk to your business, we can help you secure your IT environment.

Our Security Services focus on securing access to and movement within your IT environment.   We focus on client devices, firewalls, and credential management to control access to the environment.  We use security features in web servers, applications, database engines, and file servers to control what a user can see and do within the environment.

Application Sourcing

The definition of an application has evolved. Document-based, workflow, and collaborative applications are now common along with traditional data-driven applications. A diversity of client devices has also redefined how applications are used. The cloud computing model has redefined how applications are paid for, hosted, and managed. All of these reasons dictate that a company chooses wisely.

Our Application Sourcing service assures the optimal selection of the solution, hosting, and management models. We will deliver a go-forward recommendation that considers the business reqirements and options available, define the business case (ROI), and provide an implementation plan.